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“Gone” is now on YouTube!

Well, after some quiet months, I’ve recently uploaded the second song from “New Horizons”. It’s called “Gone”, and it tries to share the feelings of lost memories, old days and soooo on :-).

As always… I’d really like to produce more & more demos, but time is always strict.

So… I hope you’ll enjoy this one for now! 😀




“Voyager” is online now!

After days (but I’d better say weeks, months) of hard work, here is the new (instrumental) song, which is our very first demo. It’s a part of “New Horizons”,  a sort of collection, which will be eventually released (I mean… uploaded and available for free!) later this year.

It’s called “Voyager”, and it’s like a mixture of psychedelic rock and electronic music. If you didn’t understand a word about this last statement, you are like me: we clearly don’t like speaking about genres. We’d better say: “just click that PLAY button and listen to the song”.

I’ve uploaded it on YouTube for now, but I’m considering some other platforms, since we’d like to make it freely downloadable in a higher quality.

Please let us know if ya like it!



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